Domino’s Pizza Delivery Driver and Workers Files Class-Action Lawsuit Alleging Failure to pay overtime and pay adequate vehicle reimbursement

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Leal v. Hishmeh Enterprises

Defendants Hishmeh Enterprises and Home County Pizza, Inc., owners and operators of approximately 50 Domino's Pizza franchises in California, have had a consistent policy and practice of intentionally (1) Failing to reimburse employee Driver's expenses in violation of California law in that Defendant's Driver reimbursement policy reimburses drivers at a rate far below the current IRS business mileage reimbursement rate or any other reasonable approximation of the cost to own
and operate a motor vehicle and for a reasonable percentage of mobile phone bills of Drivers for required work-related calls; (2) failing to pay employees for all hours worked in violation of California state wage and hour laws by, among others, requiring and expecting employees to work "off the clock," including overtime; (3) failing to pay reporting time pay, ( 4) failing to provide accurate itemized wage records, and ( 5) failing to provide meal and rest breaks or paying compensation in lieu of the break.

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